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Multi-award songwriter, singer and renowned producer Kenneth Brian Edmonds better known as Babyface has created some musical memories for the generations through his own renditions but also the likes of Whitney Houston, Madonna, Aretha Franklin, Janet Jackson, the band TLC, Mary J. Blidge, Ariane Grande, Faith Evans, Brandy, Jon B. to cite only a very few. A number of these interprets notably feature on what is, arguably, one of Babyface’s great and defining albums, the soundtrack to the movie “Waiting to exhale”, He collaborated with long term partners and off-colleagues, such as L.A. Reid, Simmons, composer Stephen Schwartz. He is at the origin of over 26 number one hits, for which he is often seen singing the backing vocals. He also sings in the foreground, performing his own songs, featuring in countless tracks or duetting with music artists such as Tony Braxton, Mariah Carey, or Kenny G. The artist is probably going to be most remembered as the source of more than one romancings, if not romances.

Babyface in ten songs:

  1. Exhale (Shoop shoop) – Whitney Houston
    From the impossibly brilliant album Waiting to Exhale, this piece was extremely popular even with Madonna’s voice coach, who, according to Madonna, was humming it while the trainer was supposed to help hthe singer with her forthcoming release!
  2. Talk to me – Babyface feat. Eric Clapton
    babyface secures the distinctive guitar style of Eric Clapton on this alternative  R’n’B track.
  3. Breathe again/Let it flow/Find me a man/Hurt you Toni Braxton has been one of the favourite performer of Babyface’s song singing the brilliant Let it flow in the soundtrack of the afore mentioned movie Waiting to exhale and also Find me a man, but it is Breathe again from her debut studio album that is noted here, despite its bateau lyric, has an entrancing melody and delivery. Worth a mention is “Hurt you” is the duet from Babyface and Braxton’s partnership on their common album Love, Marriage, Divorce.
  4. TLC the song from the album – diggin’ on you/red light special/this is how it works tlc
    – Baby-Baby-Baby (Official Video)
  5. Everytime i close my eyes Babyface vocals pair up with the haunting and sexy harmonies of Mariah Carey and the saxo guy to deliver one of his most popular self releases
  6. Water runs dry/I’ll make love to you/End of the road Boys II Men had their time enchanting ladies’ heartstring due to their bewitchingly harmonies and individual vocals but very much also because of the lyrics and music of a certain Kenneth Edmonds
  7. It hurts like hell It crowns your craft to write for the best voices in the world, and with the delivery of this track, Aretha Franklin helps Babyface onto that R’nB throne
  8. Wey U Chanté Moore
  9. How Come, How Long – Babyface, Stevie Wonder
    This duet about violence and abuse made it in the top 10 in the Netherlands and the UK and was nominated for a Grammy Award in the US.
  10. No Place Like Home – Kenny G & Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds
    A nice and easy way to end this list. Kenny G reappears on the list, this time in an exclusive duet with Babyface on a piece

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