I Write The Songs 57 – Theme: International women’s day – Human first – dedicated to our sisters, mothers, daughters and wives around the world; from me to my mum who, along with 6 other phenomenal women, created the Association Against Violence Against Women in Cameroon to fight the upsurge of violence against women (brought more to prominence by the 1991 happenings in their environment), of the attackers’ impunity, the people’s complicity, and the victims’ powerlessness. They are NDOME EKOTTO, Esther ENDALE, Elise Pierrette MEMONG MENO, NGOBO EKOTTO, SIKE BILLE, Dora ESSAKA DEIDO, Maria MOUEN KALLA LOBE.

part 1

  • Alanis Morrissette, Thank you
  • Karine Polwart, Rivers run
  • Marina Florance – The Path He Chose
    a3109299961_10The F Spot Femmes Fatales is an album released by Folkstock Records and available from the 8th of March. It is a compilation album of 10 tracks by talented female singer/songwriters including Peggy Seeger, Roxanne de Bastion, Zoe Wren, Minnie Birch, Kaity Rae, Kelly Oliver, Daria Kulesh, Maz O’Connor, Fay Brotherhood and Marina Florance

    Check out  Female is not a “genre” brilliant article by Roxanne de Bastion published on The Girls Are
  • Noa, Mishaela
  • Katie Melua, The flood

part 2

  • Tracy Chapman, Crossroads
  • Jo Bywater, Riches to Rag England
    – http://jobywater.bandcamp.com/track/riches-to-rags
  • Joni Mitchell, Big Yellow Taxi
  • Sa Dingding, Alive China
  • Fiona Apple, Every single night

I Write The Songs 57 – part 3

  • Macy Gray, I try
  • Erykah Badu On & On
  • Crystal Gayle, Cry me a river
  • Urna Chahartuggi, Hodoo
  • Dolly Parton, Coat of many colors
    (dedicated to Pauline Mitchell)

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