Marina FloranceIt is difficult to review the artistry of a musician whose voice and melodies just sit you gently in the arms of comfort. It is pure indulgence and luxury to listen to the velvet vocals of Marina Florance and to let yourself go into her own little piece of sky. Her performance alone is a lullaby blending the maturity of her musical experience with the gentleness of her musical sensitivity.

That quality of voice resounds across her records in a consistent and unencumbered way that is lovingly lifted by the accompanying guitar and other strings, drawing the audience beyond the song into the heart of the matter, the emotion. And does Florance leave the evocative taste of a great memory to her audience as her songs flaunt a rightfully minimal instrumentation (and invariably, great collaborating musicians) to carry out this magical story telling without decorum and with serenity enough to make Folk proud. Attending one of her live performances is a must.

Marina Florance in ten songs

1. Cry (This song written by Marina Florance won the Oldie Composers 2012 competition and was sung by Anthony Head. It is available for download from with all profits going to Barnado’s). 2. Nothing could have prepared me for you (A track from her debut album ‘Somewhere down the line’3. The Moon (This is a track extracted from her EP My own little piece of the sky. It is has been played on BBC 6 and included on Tom Robinson’s BBC Mixtape) 4. It’s Much Easier (from Somewhere down the line) 5. Getting Away (Live) 6. The Tale of Marcy Borders (The Marina Band performs this track live along with a full set featured on the album Migration which showcases her unique ability to seamlessly blend folk and country) 7. The Dress (Another track from Florance’s EP My own little piece of the sky and one of my favourite tracks of hers. That whole EP is altogether a brilliant piece of work) 8. Little Black cloud The reason we make things complicated is because we have not sensed a way to express their simplicity as yet. This is definitely not the case of Florance who serve us another platter of simple but substantial melodic food. 9. The Winter Wind 10. A Better Song

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