The music of Chinese Ethno-folk singer-songwriter Sa Dingding offers an exciting musical tour of her own unique blend of Far Eastern treasures and Western Electronica influences. It showcases a creative, imaginative and free-spirited nature and reveals the richness of her inner colours. She seamlessly marries the native elements of her Chinese Folk roots and other Asian regions such as Mongolia (where she grew up) and Tibet with the more Western-inspired tones of Electronica. There is a mixture of Buddhist spirituality and Far Eastern-fantasy escapism in her lyrics and in the mood of a lot of her songs. For a few particular ones, the instrumentation and rendition give the impression that they could have easily introduced a Japanese anime aimed at the child within, for the purity, energy and childlike freedom that they kindle. They certainly will have that evocative quality in anyone who has grown up with these types of animation. Binding all songs together is Dingding’s distinctive vocals whose acrobatics take the listener almost effortlessly on the roller-coaster of her adventures throughout her self-made music-art world. Rediscover Far Eastern treasures through the unique and modernised blend of Sa Dingding.

Sa Dingding in 10 songs

  1. Alive: Mantra version from the album Alive, released in 2008)
  2. Girl in a green dress: a track from her second album Harmony, released in 2010 and that showcases her Western influence
  3. Holy incense (Tibet version): soundtrack featured in the 2006 film “Prince of the Himalayas”.
  4. Oldster by Xilin River: This hypnotising track is sung in Sa Dingding’s own self-created language and showcases expressions of her creative emotional independence.
  5. Little Tree / Big Tree
  6. Dong Ba La: Sa Dingding became known as “China’s Best Dance Music Singer” for this her first release under the name “Zhou Peng”.
  7. Pomegranate Woman
  8. Peacock (from her third album released in June 2013)
  9. The Mystery Of Time from her third album The Coming Ones
  10. Hua
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