Sonja MarieAbout Sonja Marie

It is so easy to forget people when they are not in your face all the time, yet again, maybe some singer-songwriters need to be in your face to be noticed. Sonja Marie lets her music do the talking.

She is better known for her soulful contribution to the acclaimed “Waiting to Exhale” original soundtrack album with her first release ever, “And I gave my love to you” and the only singer to contribute the full lyric to her track’s songwriting.

Groove-infectious reasoning poetess, spoken word over evocative piano, she seems to release not just music but a spirit beyond the very boundaries of music laws, a trip worth taking at least once in one’s human experience.

Sonja Marie in songs

1. And I gave my love to you – This is the classic from Waiting to Exhale, that introduced us to the poetess 2. Mon Dieu – This classily quiet groove slowly and surely takes over the listener with its original praise rendition with occasional Latin guitar and Jazz-infused moments. 3 Alone, Dancing is the title of this track aka for those who have listened a few times to it as “My feet hurt” since this is the sentence that replies the best to the title 4. I Am’¦Life 5. With Me In Mind

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