Submit Your Music

You can leave a reply in the pipeline section but it would take a lot of different followers choosing the same artist for us to consider reviewing them. The surest way is so as described below.

We endeavour to reply to EVERY message we are sent. However, due to the amount of submissions we receive, and many that are low quality we have decided to implement a conditional reply policy. Through our partner 3E Web Media, we ask you to pay a token £1 to request a music review or interview request for a token £1 (please read the instructions on the 3E Web Media store attentively to avoid disappointment) to allow us to review your request including your artist name, a link to your streamed released (no attachments)**, and a link to your bio and your website. Once you have been approved (check the page in the pipeline), you will be able to send future releases directly to the email we will then provided when approved, if appropriate, without going through this procedure ever again (note that if you become part of a different band, you are not the same artist). Make sure you browse this site to see examples of what we offer and ensure you are happy with it. The £1 is NOT reimbursed and does not guarantee a review.


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