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The World Singer Songwriters website and online radio (currently off) were set up to celebrate singer-songwriters around the world and their contributions in various areas of live including education. This is a voluntary endeavour and we welcome support in various forms:

1. Recordings

Record labels, artists and managers can provide us with recordings as well as any accompanying press releases. Sorry but we do NOT accept unofficial copies.

2. Request a review

You can request a music review the helpful way by contributing a symbolic pound to our work and sending your request through

3. Word of mouth

You can promote this website and any of the radio shows we are linked with through social networking including liking us on Facebook, and following us on twitter; You can link to our website, advertise us to your friends. If you have anything to do with music and singer songwriting, or using songs for educational purpose, please recommend us to your listeners.

4. Tune in

Anytime you tune in, you add to the listening statistics that makes us stay online. We would be glad to have you in this musical journey. View a list of all singer-songwriter radio shows we are linked to and their schedule.

5. Donations

You can donate. Any amount is welcome. By donating, you currently would contribute to:

  • Web-related costs including annual domain payment, monthly hosting, website development and maintenance, data entry.
  • Music-related costs include online radio hosting and streaming as well as Sound recording copyright and author/publisher copyright (currently £0 as it is no longer setup but we’d like it back up)
  • CD costs
  • Networking and Marketing – these are currently minimal and limited to word of mouth and Facebook.

Other possibilities are being continually investigated. For the current facilities, if you want to donate, please just click the following button to proceed.

btn_donateCC_LG (coming soon)

6. Membership

By becoming a member (simply follow this magazine), you can post comments and make suggestions on the programmes. You will also have priority on any competitions set up as some of them will be based on comments you make. You can also join/like our Facebook page to add to your advantages ;).

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