What an amazing and internationally great year for music 2008 has been. From North to South, East to West, music artists release some musical gems for the pleasure of music fans and to make such a chart as impossible as ridiculous. All the same, we made our 2008 playlist.

  1. Rivers run/Sorry Karine Polwart (Scotland)
    We fought for Karine on this one. Sorry is growing to be one of my all time favourite, fantastically showcasing brilliant ‘opinionated’ songwriting, lovely celtic tones and beautiful music. Rivers run just emphasises the beauty. A definite ‘earthly spell’ as per the album title.
  2. Asa, Fire On The Mountain (Nigeria)
    Asa would have so easily made it to the top 1 with this excellent debut. The video matches the cleverness of the song.
  3. Evo, Pierre Akendengué (Gabon)
    Pierre Akendengué is known for his uncompromising music, artistic truthfulness and ethnic musicality. he showcases his craft right in this single that features in French compilation Piano Bar that year.
  4. Make You Feel My love / Crazy For You, Adele (England (UK, USA))
    Adele’s album is a little wonder all in all, and its minimalistic instrumentation and superb production highlights the making of a wonderful voice. Although Adele writes her song, we particularly fell in love with her interpretation of Bob Dylan’s classic
  5. Not as we, Alanis Morrissette (Canada, US)
    Alanis has not given us much to raise her beyond her fear of heights. She is letting go here, showcasing again why we put her high up there in the first place, demonstrating another hidden but beautiful note of love lost.
  6. Mary, Yann Tiersen (France / England))
    This track features the enchanting vocals of Elizabeth Fraser from Cocteau Twins, an admirable choice for the multi-instrumental talent of Yann Tiersen. Her voice lovely accompanies the notes to highlight the sadness and depth of the song.
  7. La mauvaise réputation, Sandra Nkaké (Cameroon / France)
    Sandra Nkaké opens up her Jazz universe and raw voice to the audience in her debut album with own-penned songs as well as this rendition of the signature Georges Brassens classic.
  8. Partager Les Restes, Georges Moustaki – Stacey Kent (Greece / USA))
    The self-named metik Georges Moustaki, nomadic poet of this earth, teams up with the Jazz singer Stacey Kent for a rendition of a song full of the poetry and heartaches of separation
  9. Johnny Cash
  10. Marie/Ich hab dich lieb / Halt mich, Herbert Groenemeyer (Germany)
    Herbert Groenemeyer finally releases his best of to give us classics including 3 equal winners, Marie, Ich hab dich lieb and Halt mich. This is not just about those who want to remember, this is an opportunity to newly (re)discover the talented singer-songwriter and crafty musician. If it was not a re-release/compilation, it would be so further up there.
  11. Babylon, United Flavour (Senegal, Spain, Czech Rep)
    The band is exceptionally added to our list because this song is smashingly good, to dance, to reflect and to enjoy multiple culture coming together as one mind.
  12. Kalzoom (Inta Omri), U-cef feat. Amina Annabi (Tunisia)
  13. Rise & Fall, Craig David feat. Sting (England)
    Sting lends his vocals to this superb song from David Craig pondering about the prize of fame. Two singer-songwriters for the with the price of one with Craig David’s craft coupled with a little of the Shape of Sting’s Heart.
  14. Deolinda
  15. Vassourinhas
  16. Seal hits
  17. Hey Bagwan, Raghu Dixit (India)
  18. Forever grateful, Sam Adebanjo & Kristyna Myles (Nigeria/UK)
    Sam Adebanjo compiled a wonderful album for Gospel listeners and Christian believers, teaming up here with DTWG (Desire To Worship God). An obvious catchy track but a definite favourite at WSS is the duet with the lovely Kristina Myles, Forever Grateful, where the potential of both singer-songwriters clearly shines.
  19. Ton Nom (The sound of your name), Charles Aznavour and Carole King (France (, USA))
    Charles Aznavour re-releases his classics in duet with some big names. Beautiful chansons and surprising duets including with Sting, carole King, Lisa Minelli, Elton John, Herbert Groenemeyer, to quote only a few and to give a taste of the fame enjoyed by the French Armenian singer-songwriter and giving an opportunity to judge the French pronunciation of our great international music artists. Carole King wins by far :).
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